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    Multi Color LED Beaded Shot Glass Necklaces

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    • New there, I'm Iridia, the shot glass pendant that's brighter than your ex's future! With my multicolor Red, Green, and Blue LEDs,you need me more than your mom needs to remind you to take your daily vitamins. And let's face it, you can't have a party without me!My silver beaded party necklace is 31 inches long, so you can wear me comfortably around your neck and have your hands free to throw shapes on the dance floor. I'm also made of disco metallic beads, which means I'm shiny enough to blind your ex when they try to come back into your life.And the best part? My batteries are replaceable, so you can keep using me again and again, just as your ex did. I'm perfect for taking shots, drinking cocktails, or even just water if you're the designated driver. Just make sure you don't spill anything on me, or you'll end up with a lit necklace and a damp shirt. Batteries are also made cheaper, it won't cost you an arm and a leg, unlike that ex who always wanted to go to fancy restaurants.Now, sometimes I wish I was even brighter and could light up the whole world at once. But let's be real, that's a lot of responsibility. For now, I'm happy to light up your world and make your night a little bit more magical. Just don't blame me if you end up with a hangover the next day.So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a little piece of magic with me, Iridia, the light-up multicolor shot glass pendant on a silver beaded party necklace. I promise I'll make you forget, and your ex will regret ever leaving you. I may be a shot glass pendant, but I promise I won't judge you for taking shots of water instead of tequila. Hydration is important, you know! My multicolor Red, Green, and Blue LEDs have the power to make you forget all your problems and dance like nobody's watching. I may be small, but I'm mighty. I can hold 1.5 oz of liquid, which is basically the equivalent of a mini-superhero. At 2.12" x 1.87", I'm not just a shot glass, I'm a shot glass with personality! I'm like a disco ball, but cuter and more functional. You can take shots from me, wear me as a necklace, press my cute butt for a color-changing pulse, and flash combo lights show! I'm powered by magic (or (3) AG3 batteries, but let's pretend it's magic), so I'll keep the party going all night long! I'm the perfect wingman for a night out - I'll make sure you look cute and have fun, but I won't steal your crush. You don't need a genie to make your wishes come true, just wear me and make your own magic happen! You can call me the shot glass pendant with benefits. I'll light up your night, make you look adorable, and keep your drinks handy. So let's make some memories and have some fun because that's what I'm here for - to make your party unforgettable! Cheers to you, my human friend!
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