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Targus AWV1245US Screen Protector for iPad 2/3/4, Bulk Pkg

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Format: Brown Box
Platform: N/A

Keep the screen of youriPad 2/3/4 protected from scratches and smudges

Keep the screen of your iPad looking like new with the Targus ScreenProtector with Bubble-Free Adhesive. This screen protector, designedfor the iPad 2/3/4, helps to protect the screen of your tablet fromscratches while also helping to reduce those annoying smudges. It evenhas anti-glare, making your iPad easier to see when you use it outsideor under bright lights. The screen is specially formulated withadhesive that is bubble-free for a flawless application and requires noliquid to install.

Product Features
  • Easily protect the screen of your iPad 2, 3, or 4
  • Designed to protect screen from scratches while alsoreducing smudges
  • Also features anti-glare, making your iPad easier to seewhile outside or under bright lights
  • Screen is specially formulated with adhesive that isbubble-free, for a flawless application
  • Screen does not require liquid to install

  • Color: Clear
  • Compatibility: iPad 2/3/4

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